Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Envelope Please

I'm forever looking for ways to help classroom teachers with the integration of technology in the classroom. I have used this blog as a way to get my thoughts about technology and were we, as an educational system, are heading in terms of helping our students with 21st Century skills.

Since some teachers would rather be independent learners with technology, I have decided to start a new segment on my blog called 'The Envelope Please.' (A la Jeff Utecht's Daily Links and Jim Gates' TipLine) In these posts, hopefully on a weekly basis (or so), I will be posting links to resources for helping the integration process. Teachers in my buildings and/or district, we can follow up on the resources and discuss ways to take small steps in making you feel comfortable with technology in your classes and hopefully pushing the envelope past word processing.

Hope you find these links helpful!

(image: Handmade Envelope from 3littlemiracles)

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